The Chop Chop is an event that has users 

trade in specific items found in tower chests to get different rewards.


Hero Level 10 and higher

Chop Chop ItemsEdit

The two items that can be traded in are:

  • Beast Teeth
  • Beast Bone

These items can be found in tower chests and as a reward for completing the tower.  You will still get a card reward for completing towers and opening chests, but there is no guarantee that you will find any Teeth or 

Beast Teeth


Beast Bone

Redeeming ItemsEdit

Chop Chop items are redeemed at the Chop Shop and the cards are  valued at:  *Beast Teeth = 1 point

  • Beast Bone = 3 points


Chop Chop Event
Points Reward
5 50,000 Gold
10 2 Magic Coupon
20 5 Fine Turkey
40 200,000 Gold
60 3 Magic Coupons
80 Mariner
100 500,000 Gold
120 5 Magic Coupons
140 150 Crystals
160 Cactus Lass
190 1,200,000 Gold
220 10 Magic Coupons
250 Forest Cupid
280 500 Crystals
310 Lion-Lady
340 Faun Warcall
380 Voi
420 1000 Crystals
460 Voi
500 Lich Lord

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