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Easter Eggs is a special Easter event card. Mass amounts of them must be gathered in order to win special Resurrection-based cards. It also doubles as an excellent sacrifice card. When sacrificed at level 0 it grants 2,000 EXP.

Easter EventEdit

The "Collect Easter Eggs to get Excellent Cards with Revival Skills" event requires you to find many Easter Eggs cards in order to win fabulous prizes! Easter Eggs cards can be found in Tower Maze Chests, from Thief captures, from Magic Coupon Pack , and Crystal Pack .

Easter Eggs Rewards List
Eggs Required Card Prize
20 Phantasms
35 Styx Oarsman
50 Aranyani
70 Archmage
100 Senka

Experience TestEdit

Now for SCIENCE! 

A card that has been leveled gives more XP than a level 0 card. The test is to see whether leveling an Easter Eggs card will give more XP than it costs to level.

Below is a chart listing the approximate amount of EXP an Easter Eggs card grants at specific level intervals, and how much EXP it costs to get it to the next level. Note: As I am currently in a clan that has level 5 Add Enchant the EXP numbers will be a bit off. My clan's Add Enchant level gives a 10% boost to EXP gained while enchanting, so I have taken that into account. The numbers below are a close approximation to what you would gain from sacrificing Easter Eggs at various levels without the benefit of the clan tech Add Enchant.

Easter Eggs EXP Chart
Level EXP Granted Total EXP Cost to Level
0 2,000 120
1 2,125 360
2 2,291 720
3 2,628 1,200
4 2,965 2,160
5 3,739 3,360


Even without counting in the cost to purchase or sacrifice cards we can clearly see that the amount of XP gained from leveling Easter Eggs is nowhere near the amount required to level it. The conclusion is clear. It is not cost-effective to level an Easter Eggs card before you sacrifice it.

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