Game Tips
  • A Healing Deck is extremely powerful in its own right. It has the ability to Restore the HP your cards lost.
  • Pay attention to your runes activation conditions, matching them with the proper cards will be critical to your success.
  • A card that is stuck in a trap will not be able to attack in the next round.
  • Explore the checkpoints and Mazes! That's where you'll find gold to improve your deck!
  • You will receive additional rewards if you pass the levels in the most difficult mode.
  • The Iceball and Lightning Spells are especially effective against cards with high HP.
  • Use cards with Assassination when battling Kingdom Cards.
  • Wilderness cards all fear Vulnerability, so use it when you fight them!
  • Cards will be given an extra spell when they reach both level 5 and level 10.
  • If you can't defeat your enemy, try enchanting your cards first!
  • The higher your cards Attack is, the more effective the bloodsucker skill becomes.
  • Curse and Puncture can be used to attack the hero directly.
  • The higher your level, the more cards you can use in your deck. That means more cards to take down your enemy!
  • Quick Strike spells are activated when the card enters the battlefield.
  • The more you Enchant your rune cards, the more powerful they will become.
  • Don't forget to check all of the chests in the mazes. Who knows, you may even find yourself a 5 star card!
  • Reach for the sky! The higher up you go in a maze, the higher the probability that you will find a high-level card!
  • If you're fighting against Forest Cards, try to use a card with pollution.
  • Despair spells will be cast just before the card is sent to the cemetery.
  • The more stars you've revealed on your map, the more income you'll receive the following day.
  • Using multiple cards with Snipe will allow them to combine their powers and be more effective.
  • Prayer will restore your hero's HP.
  • Card order is extremely important and may even decide the match!
  • Place your cards with a high HP out first, then place your high attack cards out later.
  • The higher your Hero's HP is, the easier it will be to defeat your opponent.
  • If you found a Mysterious Thief, no one will know unless you've previously done battle.
  • Do you feel lucky? You can always go buy some great cards in the store, though luck will still play its part.
  • After you get a good card, don't forget to put it into your deck!

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