Maddisy: How has this place become such a waste... It was marked as a forest on the map... 

Player: Stop bringing up the map... Mau, what is this place? 

Mausumi: It was once a flourishing valley, but dark powers have destroyed it with their dark magic, turning a once beautiful valley into this... a wasteland... 

Maddisy: Those Tantor warriors must have played a part in all of this!


Easy: Edit

Reward Condition - Victory

Reward - None

Enemy Level/HP - 81/ 13000



Picture Card Level
Chaotic Bear icon
Chaotic Bear 15
Jormungand icon
Jormungand 12
Monk 15
Scorpio 15
Seraph 12
Tiamat 11
Time Traveler 14
Wyrm 15
Wyvern 15


Medium: WastelandsEdit

Reward Condition - Deck includes a Water Rune.

Reward - None

Enemy Level/HP - 83 / 13,300



Picture Card Level
Time Traveler 14 (Firestorm 4)
Scorpio 15 (Group Weakening 8)
Tiamat 13 (Bloodsucker 6)
Monk 15 (Lightning Chain 5)
Wyvern 15 (Parry 8)
Wyrm 15 (Self-destruction 6)
Seraph 12 (Kingdom Guard 4)
Minotaur 15 (Bloodsucker 5)
Jormungand 14 (Parry 8)
Chaotic Bear 15 (Bloodthirsty 4)


Hard: Wilderness BeastEdit

Reward Condition - At least 1 Three-star cards in the Deck

Reward - 

Enemy Level/HP - 



Picture Card Level


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