Dialogue Edit

Mausumi: Oh, NO!! The Red Dragon is dead!

Player: God-awful Tantors! I'll kill you all!

Tantor Commander: Naive mortals, you truly believe you have the power to destroy us!?

Maddisy: Mongrels! Don't get too cocky!

Player: Mongrels! Don't get too cocky!

Tantor Commander: Roar~

Difficulty Edit

Easy: Red Dragon Edit

Reward Condition - Victory

Reward - Treant priest

Enemy Level/HP - 92 / 15,560



Picture Card Level
Basilisk 12 (Bloodsucker 8)
Toxic Harrier 11 (Reflection 8)
Basilisk 11 (Resistance)
Winged Snake 15 (Reanimation)
Scorpio 15 (Reincarnation 2)
Jormungand 15 (Wilderness Guard 7)
Toxic Harrier 14 (Seal)
Winged Snake 11 (Immunity)
Scorpio 11 (Group Weakening 8)
Jormungand 15 (Wilderness Power 7)


Medium:  Edit

Reward Condition - At least 2 Fou-star cards in the Deck.

Reward - Tinuth

Enemy Level/HP - 



Picture Card Level


Hard: Edit

Reward Condition - Emerge victorious within 40 Rounds.

Reward - BearWarrior

Enemy Level/HP - 96 / 16,200



Picture Card Level
Scorpio 15 (Group Weakening 8)
Toxic Harrier 15 (Seal)
Jormungand 15 (Wilderness Guard 7)
Basilisk 15 (Bloodsucker 8)
Scorpio 15 (Reincarnation 2)
Toxic Harrier 15 (Reflection 8)

15 (Immunity)

Basilisk 15 (Resistance )
WingedSnake 15 (Reanimation)


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