A card with Reanimation will revive a defeated card from the cemetery and place it directly onto the battlefield. This ability will not work on defeated cards that possess the Reanimation ability.

Cards that have returned from the cemetery will not be able to act on the turn that they were returned on. Also, any effect that was activated before the card was returned, such as the Ice Shield granted by the Arctic Freeze rune, will not affect the returned card. However, if the Card is reanimated with Quick Strike : Reanimation, this counts as occurring before the turn begins, and therefore the card will act on that turn and will be affected by Runes.

Cards returned from the cemetery by Reanimation will use any Quick Strike abilities that they have immediately upon hitting the battlefield, e.g. a returned Artemis will immediately use the Teleportation ability.

Cards with ReanimationEdit

Runes with ReanimationEdit


  • Example: You have a an Arctic Freeze rune activated at the beginning of the round and one card, Archmage, on the battlefield. Your Archmage now has Ice Shield, granted by the rune. Archmage returns Naiad from the cemetery and your round ends. Your opponent has two Seismic Turtles. The first attacks the Archmage, dealing a reduced 100 damage due to Ice Shield, and also 100 damage to your newly revived Naiad. The second Seismic Turtle attacks your Naiad, dealing 620 damage to your Naiad and a reduced 100 damage to your Archmage. Your round begins, Arctic Freeze activates, and both your Archmage and Naiad now have Ice Shield and the round plays out normally, with Archmage and Naiad both using their full turns.

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