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Runes are the second most important part of any deck, only slightly less important than the cards themselves. Runes can duplicate a wide variety of abilities that your cards might not otherwise have access to. Runes have 4 important parts to them.

Element - Determines which faction is affiliated with the rune.

Effect - Determines the ability that is activated by the rune.

Condition - What factors have to be present to activate the rune. If the factors no longer apply, due to things like reanimation, the rune will de-activate until the factors are present again.

Level - Determines the level of the ability. Max level for runes is 4, with the base level of each rune being 0.

Rune ElementsEdit

Earth Runes - Wilderness Runes

Fire Runes - Hell Runes

Water Runes - Kingdom Runes

Wind Runes - Forest Runes

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